Message from The Chairman of the Board


Companies are born, live and die just like human beings...

What makes life meaningful are the factors such as what is wanted to be done, what can be done, what is planned to be made and the decisions that are late to be made within this


Our destiny is determined by our monitoring and scheduling of this cycle with rational methods.

In fact, the goal is the same for everyone and for every line of business.

To the goal;

Not going fast and arriving early,

Not going slow and being late,

Being planned and making predictions in order to arrive on time

Our goals have never changed since the day we established our group's first Company.

COMPETENCE; To have the necessary knowledge and skills in the subjects we have chosen as a work area

MODERATION; To be able to make realistic and competitive pricing for the goods and services we offer

BE FAIR; Claiming our commitments and rights

BE RATIONAL; Knowing the risks and advantages and developing solutions accordingly.

However, by internalizing these virtues, we can create a team spirit with our colleagues and achieve continuity with our customers.

With our business life that started in the last quarter of the 20th century, we are excited to be able to carry what we have accumulated properly to the second quarter of the 21st

century .

Our goal; To transfer our work culture that we have created to new members of our family , with the contributions of our friends with whom we have been working for many years.

M.Zafer Karatas

Merit Grup

Chairman of the Board


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